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About Us

O-Ku sushi & poke was established during the Covid pandemic, a very difficult period. I have been a sushi chef for ten years, and I never imagined that the pandemic would force me out of my position. Because of my love for creating sushi and helping create job opportunities for other people affected by the pandemic, I opened O-Ku sushi & poke in October of 2020.

When I first opened the restaurant, I worked every day until midnight because I chose and prepared all of the ingredients myself. The rice that I choose is Japanese style medium grain rice and it is recognized by USDA as grade NO.1. The Salmon is fresh, premium and comes from Norway. I persist in using the freshest ingredients including the fish because I believe that whether you like your fish raw, seared, deep fried or tossed in a poke bowl, the freshest ingredients are the best. I also prepare sauces by myself to ensure all sauces not only increase the flavor of the food but also are fresh and nutritional. At O-Ku Sushi & Poke, we will always do our best to offer delicious food made with fresh ingredients and the best customer service.

In order to assist my wait staff and boost customer satisfaction, a robot server named Alyssa later joined the O-Ku family. Lots of kids love the robot. As long as our guests and their families are happy, we are happy.

There are about 70000 meals in our life, no matter if your life is up or down, and all of our employees will serve your meal from the heart. Life happens, sushi helps. We hope you enjoy!

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